Zhengzhou Aix Machinery Equipment Co., LTD is an enterprise mainly specializing on the manufacture of series shelling machine.Our products range from corn shelling machine,rice shelling machine,wheat shelling machine,maize shelling machine etc.All of these products have been used all over the country and exported to Malaysia,Indonesia,Austria,Kenya,Tanzania,Togo,Ghana etc.

shelling machine


We are professional manufacturer of series shelling machine,for corn shelling machine ,it mainly used to get corn seed from corn cob with completely seed and cob sparately.Rice and wheat shelling machine maily mainly used to get rice and wheat seed from rice and wheat straw.The corn shelling machine with small fan which can blow off bad seed and small impurity.it’s popular around the world.



Our service philosophy is all for customers,providing customers with high-performance products.company has experienced after-sales service team,we can arrange technician to install shelling machine.People not only can get high quality machine, but also provide customers with best service and after-sales service.

Rice shelling machine
Millet shelling machine for farm
Multifunctional millet threshing machine
Rice thresher machine for family to use
Paddy rice thresher machine
Family used rice threshing machine
Electric rice sheller
Diesel engine rice shelling machine
Corn shelling machine
Home use corn threshing machine
Corn peeling and threshing machine
Diesel engine corn peeling machine
New design corn sheller machine for farm
electric corn sheller machine
Portable diesel engine drive corn thresher
Automatic feeding corn thresher
8~10 tons per hour maize threshing machine
Small scale maize shelling machine
Hand and manual corn sheller
Diesel engine corn shelling machine
Wheat shelling machine
Wheat and rice threshing machine
Portable wheat sheller machine
Electric wheat thresher machine
5T-50 wheat sheller
Diesel engine wheat shelling machine
Grain peeling machine
Coffee roaster machine
electric coffee bean pulp separator
Family coffee bean peeling machine
Maize seed peeling machine for family use
Soybean skin removing machine
Soybean peeling machine
Harvester machine
2 row corn harvester machine
Feed grinder crusher
High qualtiy feed crusher ,feed grinder hammer mill
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